794 Series

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794 Series

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High hardware configuration

64bit duel-core CPU quad-core GPU 1G DDR RAM


Freely recording amazing tv programs on appointment and during standby, without missing every program


Perfectly supporting hdcp 2.2 protected video equipment, helping you enjoy amazing movies in the world


Realizing 4k video playing at 60fps, fhd with smoother and more detailed picture display

Android 6.0

The latest TV os of android, faster and smoother, providing more user-friendly interface to improve user experience


Realizing transmission of higher quality picture via internet, and supporting most advanced video decoding technology at present

64bit Chip

Entering the new age of 64bit chip with larger bandwidth and faster speed


Improving picture quality through synthesis of exp- osure

HD Picture Shows Massive Content

Youtube Exclusive video sources gather in Youtube control platform. Massive films are released quickly, with simultaneously-updated NBA events and reality shows.

Mobile Phone and TV Upgrade through Interconnection, Large and Small Screens Share the Same Program

Small screen can be switched into large screen. A series of intelligent actions, including TV remote control, mouse action, voice and gravity sensor, can be realized. Mobile phone and TV can interconnect under network, and can simultaneously share the same program under top-speed network.

Enthusiast Acoustics Shocks Your Sight and Hearing

High quality built-in speaker with internal ABS stiffener, compound wool paper plate and natural silk membrane transmits the treble, alto voice, bass and mega bass directly to your soul.

Great Originality & Classic Metal Only

Metallic-embroidered emboss technology and mirror cutting texture brings the sense of luxury, nobleness and elegance to the customers. Full metallic joint edges, ultrathin and ultra-narrow frames brings exquisite touch and outstanding quality.

True Color HDR Shows You a Colorful World

The 10bitHDR decoding chip and high-end HDR screen greatly improves the contrast of the picture, showing outstanding details. The advanced lattice backlight technology with 12 bit color wheel engine intelligently adjusts the color of all pixel points, realizing real-time and dynamic processing of 68.6 billion colors and creating the unprecedented colorful world

Strong Core & Full-speed Response

The Strong in-built processing chips with up to 6 cores comprehensively upgrades and increases the speed, providing the most reliable and powerful processing capacity to games, videos and applications.