791 Series

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791 Series

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KONKA Original SCG Optimization System

By applying the highest color gamut LED lamps of the industry, the NTSC color gamut is up to 120%; By using the 3M best DEBF efficient brightness enhance film, the optical efficiency has been improved by 60% and then reducing power consumption to protect components.

Heart Touching Thin

KONKA LED791 series, with the ultra thin technology, its thickness is only 7.5mm, even thinner than iPhone6 Plus. Applying high-density integrated metal edging and brushed style metal back cover, the ultra thin TV looks so heart touching.

Super Exquisite Picture

With the industrial top 4-color 4K screen supplied by LGD, KONKA LED791 series have resolution of 3840x2160 and new WRGB to enhance the color, providing you richer color, more details and improved visual experience.

op 6-core Chip, Perfect Picture Quality

Dual-core CPU + Quad-core GPU = Ultra Speed Data Operation + Superior Image Processing Dual-core CPU ultra-speed data operation let the millions of Android App process speedily. Quad-core GPU has super rendering and comprehensively upgrades the picture effect. The top 6-core chip intelligently compensates low resolution movies, adds more transition color that losses during transmission and scans pixel by pixel to show you the most perfect fine picture.

Retina Screen, Challenger to Utmost Clarity Display

Retina screen looks like printing. It has ultra pixel density which is far over the distinction of human eyes. Meanwhile IPS technology brings 178-degree ultra-wide viewing angle, richer and more vivid colors that present you amazing details of the real world.

Leading-edge Original Android 5.1 Platform

The Android 5.1 platform solved the slow response problem that caused by system program recompilation after TV turning on. Using only 1G memory, the entire system is running as smoothly as iOS system.

Smart Remote Control

Integrated the traditional remote control, keyboard, mouse and microphone, it is a collection of multi-function. Multi-touch, gesture recognition and voice control functions make operation easier and more intelligent.

USB 2.0

The newly upgraded USB 2.0 brings better high-bandwidth and high-speed transmission. Digital files display will never delay or block.

SNS Social network

When watching football match or movies you can share enjoyment and happiness with f