799 Series

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799 Series

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True color HDR shows the beauty of detail

10bitHDR decoding helps perfectly present an HDR image; with 12bit color wheel engine and 68.6 billion colors, this TV provides you with the original color of nature and shows the beauty of real detail.


With a frameless design, the TV provides a flawless picture of the night sky and amazing visuals. With a thickness of only 5.47mm, the look is fascinating and provides for perfect curves and shape.

Each pixel illuminates to bring a richer visual experience

As each pixel can illuminate and the Konka OLED organic TV can provide a wider angle of view. This allows you to see the same quality of image from different angles without any distortion in color.

5.9mm,Stunning Visionn of Ultra-Thinness

The thinnest part of Konka OLED TV is only 5.9 mm , because of the innovative self-luminescence technology.

Each pixel illuminates to provide gorgeous colors

As each pixel can illuminate, and the Konka OLED organic TV has a color expression that’s much better than ordinary LCD TVs, providing pure and gorgeous color.

Each pixel illuminates to provide a response speed that is 4000 times faster than LCD TV

As each pixel can illuminate, and the Konka OLED organic TV has a response speed of 0.001Ms, which is 4000 times faster than an ordinary LCD TV. Clear, smooth, and free of ghosting, it provides you with speed and passion.

LGD WRBG provides more abundant color

White pixels are added to help more accurately adjust single pixel chroma and make the image clearer, the color richer, and provide better details.

Each pixel illuminates and leads a revolution of vision

The OLED Organic TV uses the 4-color 4k self-luminophor as its GPU. The self-luminophor is a transparent organic luminescent substance composed of countless self- luminous pixels. Each self-luminous pixel can illumine independently, and the OLED organic TV is a product that integrates high-end display technology with HDR image compatibility.