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786 Series

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Curved Surface Design

Konka Curved TV is applying new curved surface imaging technology, which is consistent with the human-eye visual characteristics. Designed according to the optimum curve radian, you can enjoy the best effect at the distance of 3-4 meters. You can enjoy the incomparable visual feast of Curved TV by watching from any angle.

A Panoramic Vision

The TV screen is in natural arc shape with a scientifically computed curve degree. No matter the center image or the edge image has the same good viewing effect without color cast or image distortion. It makes you immerse yourself in TV picture enjoying more realistic and comfortable vision.

4 K Ultra High Definition Technology

By using LGD 4K and 4 color high color gamut hard screen, TV is presenting the same realistic perfect quality image from every angle. Even the edge of the picture appears no color aberration. Hard screen has stable 4K liquid crystal molecular structure with no ghost or flicker phenomenon when touched.

Elegant Curve Design

Konka LED786 TV has arc shape body and clear lines. Framed with aluminum and black plastic materials, it forms a double colors surrounding profile. The Black surface is hard metal with grinding process and the bright surface appears glittering effect. This kind of contrast design shows us a new idea of TV appearance.

Best 10-Core Chip, Best Image Quality

New 10-Core strong power, 4-Core A9+ CPU supercomputing duplicate the TV computing function. 6-Core Mali-450s super GPU strengthens the quality of rendering and rocket speeding up picture quality processing. By intelligently compensating low definition moves and color loss during the transmission, and point to point scanning, it presents the perfect picture to you.

Original Android 4.2 Platform

This original operating system, it is fully compatible with Android program. It has super cloud computing, comprehensive speeding up and multi-task running compatibility.

New UI Design

The new UI include more wonderful content and the design is clear and the usage is easy for every family member.

Online Video

You can instantly enjoy massive wonderful online videos and movies via TV without downloading.

Massive APP

Massive applications like YouTube, Skype, Twitter, Face book, etc. bring you more intelligent experience.

USB 3.0

The newly upgraded USB 3.0 brings better high-bandwidth and high-speed transmission. Digital files display will never delay or block..

Dual-band WIFI

Having 2.4GHz+5GHz dual band double transceiver and applying the 5th generation 802.11ac standard to make faster and more stable.