780 Series

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780 Series

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Integrated Frameless Design

Frameless integrative encapsulation and bright brushed metal material of the azerestone-color mlddle-frame that reveals an honorable fashion style of simple luxury.

6-core Ultra-high-definition Syncloud TV

With six family models,the 6-core LED780 series have over 8 million pixels that challenging the human eye retina.Top configuration of 6-core chip,static pixel compensation,and dynamic pixel optimzing technique together create lossless smooth display and 4K effecls.You can enjoy the most extravagant visual feast at home.

Retina Display Panel,Challenge to the Ultimate Clarity

Retina Display panel,with resolution up to 3840X2160,is as clear as printed picture,and with total more than 8 million pixels,show 4 times of the Full HD details.Retina Display has ultra pixel density which is high over the range of the human eye can distinguish.Meanthile IPS technology also brings 178-degree ultra-wide viewing angle,richer and more vivid colors that presenting you amazing details of the real world.

Top 6-core Chip,Perfect Picture Quality

Dual-core CPU+Quad-core GPU = Ultra Spead Dara Operation+Superior Image.Processing.Dual-core CPU ultra speed dara operation let the million Android App process speedily,Quad-core GPU has super rendering and comprehensively upgrades the picture offect.The top 6-core chip intelligently compensates low resolution movies,adds more transition color that losses during transmissin and scans pixel by pixel to show you the most perfect fine picture.

Original Android 4.2 Platform

This original operating system is fully compatibe with Android program.With super cloud computing,comprehensively speeding up and multi-task running,it gives you new Ul experience of multi-level menu switching and different tasks in same interface.

Smart Remote Control

Integrating the traditional remote control,keyboard,mouse and microphone,it is an easyoperated multi-function unit of Multi-touch,gesture recognition and voice control.

USB 3.0

The newly upgraded USB 3.0 brings better high-bandwidth and high-speed transmission.Digital files display will never delay or block.

SNS Social network

When watching football match or movies you can share enjoyment and happiness with friends on line.

Built-in Wi-Fi

Built-in Wi-Fi module in our new Intelligent 3D TV gives you wireless access to the Intemet and boundless communication to the world.

Online Video

You can instantly enjoy massive wonderful online videos and movies via TV withuot downloading.

MHL Interface

Image from mobile phone or Ultrabook transmits to TV without attenuation through the new MHL interface.

Multi-screen 3.0

Breaking through the barriers between intelligent terminals,now achieve synchronous transmission and sharing between TV and mobile phone,computer or Pad.Videos and photos can be synchronuosly updated and shared among families or friends.

Massive APP

Massive applications like You Tube,Skype,Twitter,Face book,etc.bring you more intelligent experience.

DLNA&Home Share

Intelligent technology solutions for human-computer interaction give you easy browsing on internet via Home Entertainment Centre intelligent terminals,such as phone,Ultrabook,computer and TV.