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Spare parts

Konka A and B shares at the same time in the shenzhen stock exchange listed, the existing total assets of nearly one hundred million yuan, net assets of nearly four billion yuan, the total share capital of 1.204 billion shares, oct hotel group is the first big shareholder.

To profit of enterprise and brand appreciation as the guide, differentiated competition as the basis, value appreciation for the purpose, to over the procurement, manufacturing, research and development, quality, marketing and so on each work of the competition strategy.


Integrated product development (IPD) mechanism of nature is to develop a line products need different functions integration, and different product line relative separation, its essence is to classification of target consumers as the guidance in the service differentiation of product research and development. IPD in Konka through continuous optimization, and the integration of household electrical appliances industry competition characteristic, become a Konka their own features of integrated Product Development mechanism, namely KPD (Konka Product Development), effectively promote the Product Development efficiency ascension.


In vigorously implement technology innovation at the same time, konka key promoting innovation and intellectual property management, the combination of patent and standard combination of management mechanism, in color TV and mobile phone technology patent application for more than 2000 items, including 2007 years of patent applications, more than 480, 2008 of 580 items, year-on-year growth of 23%.